Where the Buffalo Roam

and the deer and the antelope play

I swear they are taking about Yellowstone Park in “home on the range” song. After seeing the hot springs, old faithful, and a crap load of buffalo…this is for sure a cowboys home. Honestly, it is nothing like what I thought it would be, but most of the places I get to visit are. Downside to Yellowstone, the sulfuric egg smell that comes from the, oddly colorful, hot springs. That was not pleasant.

The coldest part was sitting in the open waiting for old faithful to do her thing. When you have no wind blockers and not doing a lot of movement it causes for much colder feelings. No photos that were worthy here but it was an experience. But I did get some of that cold feeling in this photo where there is still patches of snow in the background with the hot spring steam rising around the buffalo.

You might have noticed that my favorite part was the Buffalos. It was fun seeing the buffalo doing buffalo things. They would rightfully cross the street like they own the place…well because they do. Truth be told, I first thought that I would maybe only see one buffalo and was so upset I didn’t stop to get a photo of the first one I saw…later to understand there are thousands there and they are not horribly camera shy. Yay.

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Point Reyes

The kings point

So, point reyes is known for the lighthouse but the weather and timing got the best of the stop to where there is no lighthouse photos. Though, I did get some wonderful trail and coastline shots.

It was almost like being in another country – Ireland maybe. Luscious green, rolling hills with farm life along a long road leading to the cliffside with ocean waves crashing. Listening to the song “Lighthouse” by Nickel Creek and “Ireland Im Coming Home” by Garth Brooks on the way suited and added to the feel.

You can tell the wind was insane on the lookout before getting to the lighthouse below just by the trees angles. They created this neat canopy while walking along the trail. The loveliness of this was that the sun was setting and there was mist in the salty ocean air which got one of my favorite shots.

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True North

A passion in life which leads to extraordinary things

After a month of work in Las Vegas, it was time to journey back to Kentucky. I also have many states to stop through along the way so the path lead us north bound. There are so many states that I want to stay and spend quality time in now that I’ve made quick stops through out them. One of those states that was photo worthy that I must see again was Oregon. The quickest route led through the middle of the state though the coast line is a bucket list.

Mind you this is the beginning of Spring time and after we exited California it was almost nothing but snow. So much snow that the place to see along the way was blocked off by a mount of snow taller than my car, so we visited Diamond lake instead.

There was snow everywhere to a point you almost couldn’t tell where the water began and the land ends. Which made for this interesting photo that I happily called ” no life guard on duty ” because of the sign that was buried in the snow. I love the west coast snows because it is not nearly as frigid as back home in Kentucky. I was able to stay out and play in the snow for a good while to get a good shot of this lake.

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Desert Snapshots

Sunshine all the Time

So I made it to Vegas and I wanted to get some fun desert photos. One is in Vegas’ red rock canyon park. I found this bench to be a nice subject to show the parks desert view.

I also made my way into death valley. I wanted to see the racing rocks but the journey was too long and too intensive for the time given. So, I settled with an afternoon in the sand dunes. Mostly, I got a lot of fun photos of me playing in the sand with balloons, bubbles and flowers.

Side note ; the balloons never left my hands and I make sure to dispose of the trash and not let the desert be littered.

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Mansion Ruins

M. I. crooked letter, crooked letter. I.

Next stop is Las Vegas for work but there was one more photogenic historical mark along the way in Mississippi. I try to make any excuse to get a quick stop in to fill the Travel Map but The Windsor Ruins one was another great find!

The only thing missing was a mass amount of spanish moss for that southern feel for this old plantation. I can only imagine the grand feel of this place in its prime but now it is only the pillars that remain after a fire from what I read ; which is still just as amazing to me. There was a massive tree stretched out in the front which was worth the capture. The photo may not tell the story of how large this tree was way out off the beaten path but it was fun climbing up and down the twisted and textures downed limbs.

I also had fun with the pillar ruins by making another circle panoramic to hopefully give the feel of these tall, strong structures that were left standing.

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