About a Horse

Connection with Ash

The experience can also be getting to sit on a horse at the end of a cliff.
Everyone can do it, Who can pass up a deal of $5 to get such a fun photo. But for me, there was something a little more than just getting my photo taken with a horse. I feel that I was able to get a bit more from it when I asked the horses name. I got to hear more of the personal side that she belonged to the mans brother who had passed. I felt sorrow that they had both lost someone recently. We all have things going on in life and when someone shares that with you it can feel pretty connecting. It can be good or bad, feelings shared can be special. I was told that the tradition for the Navajo is if the man dies, his horse goes with him. I am all for traditions and this does sound sweet in the idea that your soul is connected for life and after with an animal / another soul. Aside from that I was so happy that they broke the tradition and passed the horse to the daughter and Ash was still able to make someone like me super happy during what I deem a hard time in my life. I don’t know the name of the man who was telling me but I am happy he shared information with me. Like I said…that connection with him and Ash, the horse, as fair as it was, is something big to me.

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