Balanced Rock

Now Onward to Cheyenne

I again can not fathom how these rocks sit up in these odd forms. Balanced upon its self ( hence the name). Will it fall one day? Did it look different 1000 years ago? I suppose I could google this and know but that not knowing make it more fun. Arches national has tons of these and they look different from every angle.
Questions sometimes aren’t a bad thing and they can give that wondering sense. One of those questions that is asked a lot on these road trips is along the lines of ” where to ?” / ” where are we going ? ” These usually are more fun with the answer because then you have direction. I have always liked directional signs that show many different ways to go. Lets you know all the different paths you can take and where it will lead you. We don’t get this often so its nice when you see a sign that can guide you a bit.

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