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Rock Hopping

Sand Harbor Rocks at Sunset So we made it to the eastern south side of the lake, Sand Harbor, where there are huge rocks laying in the shore line. Sandy was not exactly sandy it was boulders we had to jump, hop, scale and tromp over these rocks to get to a desired location for […]

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Seeking Sunset

h2>Finding a good location We wanted to see what the rest of the lake had to offer. We went to see some boats at the Ski Run Marina hoping for a good sunset image. Had it not closed you may have gotten some interesting sites from on the water. Since we couldn’t get closer to […]

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Living Water

South Lake Tahoe This so far has been my favorite spot. Not only was the lake stunning, the town atmosphere was quite adorable and pleasant as well. It was really hard to me to choose the few images I wanted to showcase right away. We went to the visitor center which has a trail leading […]

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