Crack of Dawn

At Arches National

Now my idea was that I would re-hike up to delicate arch before the sun came up and get some amazing shots like I have seen others do. We almost made it last time but were ill prepared so we didn’t make it. So my goal was to do it this time and not everything went according to plan. The moon light polluted the sky, the sun woke up too early and I was too worn out for that hike. I take this as time to venture into other sunrise arches shot and let this be a reason to come back again next year.
The sunrise in the windows was still just as amazing. The colors broke over the rock formations and made everything feel right again. We also got to connect with a few people and had a nice coffee filled breakfast. Moab is definitely a revisit place so it is double recommended. Plus it gets double the post…so stick around!

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