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2017’s First Travel Destination is down south to New Orleans Louisiana. The food, history, architecture, accent, and weather all have a mark in this city. I had a list of things to see while being here for such a short time ; this list will be scattered throughout the notes.

One would have been Mardi Gras if the timing was right but the crazy parade was barely missed. Probably a good thing because I wanted more photos than party for this trip.
Luckily, there was still a calm reminisce of king cake, colors, music and people.
The second want that I was able to get from this city was the weather. The first night there was a perfect foggy glow in the city and the hotel room had a balcony. Not only did I get to experience this beautiful weather outside in the mist but I got a good vantage to photograph it.

Of course New Orleans wouldn’t be famous without some VooDoo! Due to all the tourism, they have you set up a tour to see the cemeteries. Which wasn’t terrible, we got to ride in a horse and carriage through the french quarters and were able to veer a little to photograph the tombs. Sadly, I didn’t get any good heebie jeebies but the texture, history and memory of this place is top notch.

Speaking of textures and history, every turn is a beautiful aged structure. Wether you are walking or taking the tram, keep your eyes up so you don’t miss it. I love the places that make sure the buildings are not falling apart but do not remake to look fancy and new. I suppose all cities have this but again, New Orleans is known for it. Even the colors of the doors here have the colors of Mardi Gras- Green, Purple and Gold.

Those things I didn’t get to photograph but want to share with you are these ;

Another want from this city was to check out Cafe Du Monte after seeing it on the movie Chef. No photos of this because I was too busy enjoying the coffee and powder deliciousness. I was also having to slightly defend myself against the trillions of plump pigeons nabbing anything they were able to. The lines were extreme but it wasn’t terrible because the weather was perfection, as was the treats, and I got to hear some Pink Panther Jazz sounds from a Saxophone. I wish I would have stopped to get a photo of an artist getting out some soulful sounds…but that just means there will be a next time.
Then there is the food. My kingdom for good food! The creole and cajun smells had me taking a seat after walking up and down the french quarter market. The south is the only place I will have some alligator – to mention, doesn’t taste like chicken…just tastes like alligator. Again, no pro photos here because I was too busy stuffing my face and having a delicious drink.
Along side food is the condiments and if anyone knows me, that is my favorite food type! Something the south is known for is SPICE! I stopped at all the hot sauce stores and got to try so many tasty tongue tingles. The favorite purchases made was Red Scorpion Mustard and Jack-Ass Wasabi Hot Sauce.

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