Mansion Ruins

M. I. crooked letter, crooked letter. I.

Next stop is Las Vegas for work but there was one more photogenic historical mark along the way in Mississippi. I try to make any excuse to get a quick stop in to fill the Travel Map but The Windsor Ruins one was another great find!

The only thing missing was a mass amount of spanish moss for that southern feel for this old plantation. I can only imagine the grand feel of this place in its prime but now it is only the pillars that remain after a fire from what I read ; which is still just as amazing to me. There was a massive tree stretched out in the front which was worth the capture. The photo may not tell the story of how large this tree was way out off the beaten path but it was fun climbing up and down the twisted and textures downed limbs.

I also had fun with the pillar ruins by making another circle panoramic to hopefully give the feel of these tall, strong structures that were left standing.

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