Balanced Rock

Now Onward to Cheyenne

I again can not fathom how these rocks sit up in these odd forms. Balanced upon its self ( hence the name). Will it fall one day? Did it look different 1000 years ago? I suppose I could google this and know but that not knowing make it more fun. Arches national has tons of these and they look different from every angle.
Questions sometimes aren’t a bad thing and they can give that wondering sense. One of those questions that is asked a lot on these road trips is along the lines of ” where to ?” / ” where are we going ? ” These usually are more fun with the answer because then you have direction. I have always liked directional signs that show many different ways to go. Lets you know all the different paths you can take and where it will lead you. We don’t get this often so its nice when you see a sign that can guide you a bit.

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Crack of Dawn

At Arches National

Now my idea was that I would re-hike up to delicate arch before the sun came up and get some amazing shots like I have seen others do. We almost made it last time but were ill prepared so we didn’t make it. So my goal was to do it this time and not everything went according to plan. The moon light polluted the sky, the sun woke up too early and I was too worn out for that hike. I take this as time to venture into other sunrise arches shot and let this be a reason to come back again next year.
The sunrise in the windows was still just as amazing. The colors broke over the rock formations and made everything feel right again. We also got to connect with a few people and had a nice coffee filled breakfast. Moab is definitely a revisit place so it is double recommended. Plus it gets double the post…so stick around!

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About a Horse

Connection with Ash

The experience can also be getting to sit on a horse at the end of a cliff.
Everyone can do it, Who can pass up a deal of $5 to get such a fun photo. But for me, there was something a little more than just getting my photo taken with a horse. I feel that I was able to get a bit more from it when I asked the horses name. I got to hear more of the personal side that she belonged to the mans brother who had passed. I felt sorrow that they had both lost someone recently. We all have things going on in life and when someone shares that with you it can feel pretty connecting. It can be good or bad, feelings shared can be special. I was told that the tradition for the Navajo is if the man dies, his horse goes with him. I am all for traditions and this does sound sweet in the idea that your soul is connected for life and after with an animal / another soul. Aside from that I was so happy that they broke the tradition and passed the horse to the daughter and Ash was still able to make someone like me super happy during what I deem a hard time in my life. I don’t know the name of the man who was telling me but I am happy he shared information with me. Like I said…that connection with him and Ash, the horse, as fair as it was, is something big to me.

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Monument Valley

Navajo Tribal Park

One of the biggest icons of the Western USA is Monument Valley so of course I wanted to see it. You’re able to get a good look from just driving down the road through the area but the real experience is going in. The site and the feel of the summer desert heat is something I hope everyone does in life. It is really interesting to see nature in all of its forms and this one is pretty neat. This place is going to get two posts, one about the nature experience and one of the more personal experience. Monument valley has an interesting look when your far down the road and once you’re inside, close up, next to these huge pieces of earth just magically sticking out of the ground.

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A Bit Dusty

At the Mexican Hat

As we ventured to our next stop, Mexican Hat, to camp we encountered some interesting dust storms in the air during sunset. It is something I don’t see often so I decided to share with you. The dust wasn’t low enough to really effect anything but it was a neat site for the colors during the suns decent. The next day, once we woke to see the area around our camp site, there was this interesting balanced rock…go figured this is called Mexican Hat. This stop was to get to monument valley in reasonable time. Which, if anyone knows me, this was a must see for me. It is just fun to see the transitions and the quirky places you stay at in-between.

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