Light Beams

Lower Antelope Canyon

So the stop in Page Arizona was the ever popular light beams in side the antelope canyon. I personally would suggest the Lower Canyon with the Dixie Ellis tours. We googled reviews and all said that the Upper was just more popular but the Lower canyon has everything you need when it comes to light beams. This tour was also much more affordable and our guide ( Quintana) even professionally threw sand for us so we could capture the beams. The structure itself was so worth it – I am so excited I was able to see, let alone, photograph this beautiful place. Most of the google reviews say to go in the morning which is very correct. They have the light beams down to the exact seconds on when they are perfect to shoot. The other good thing with the Lower Canyon in comparison is the traffic. It wasn’t too bad, they allowed breaks between groups so we would be able to get a good image. Now the comparison; I was told the upper canyon is way busier…I couldn’t imagine! I would never get a good shot if there were any more people involved. So, please check out lower canyon and you’re going to love it.

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Mossy Cave

Is Actually a Waterfall

We stopped at a park outside of Bryce that is called Mossy Cave. It is a small hike through to get to the waterfall but the surrounding structures are what really made this fun. There was a small window inside the wall where the sun was about to peek through, and duh we had to get the shot. It was an extremely steep climb but it was well worth it as you can see. Once the photo was taken there was the long slide back down the hill to the actual trail to see the water. It followed the creek making the walk a bit cooler than expected for the heat of day. The waterfall was a good site as well but Im more excited about the window really but I had to show this too since its the reason people walk this trail 😉

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Bryce at Night

We Took a Hike

So for our night time adventures we went down the trail to see this huge tree. Amazingly, it wasn’t very photogenic at night but we did get to see a few other nice sites. I have a vertigo that doesn’t allow me to look up at tall structures so most of my photos were very level from the mid-way point. Once we got down to the bottom I just wanted to showcase the light painting that we do. It is when the exposure is long and we use a high powered flashlight to “paint” light on to dark structures. This way it isn’t just a silhouette each time. The hike down was a bit much, but the hike back up was brutal! It is a long, steep, zig-zag all the way down. At night, this can feel really scary because it is a LONG way down if you slip. So wear good shoes and take lots of water folks.

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Bryce Canyon

Another Landmark

This place was only going to get one post but you get to see the day and night side of this in another post. Im not even sure what to say about Bryce Canyon except you have to see this place. The weather can get pretty warm in the day and very cold at night. The day was a mice drive with few stops every so often to get great views. I chose two of my favorites to show you guys from the day time.

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The Lighter Side

Less Desert – More Flowers

As you get a little more into the upper canyons outside of Vegas, such as Bryce or Zion, you get to see more green. Going through Dixie National Forest you get an amazing view of the canyon in the middle of this forest during sunset. This was a perfect little spot for some nice photos. Its fun to have the temperatures drop while you’re in an area that can reach the 100’s easily. Now the other softer side of this area beside the high heat levels is the flower scenery. Though, everything out here is still a bit thorny or prickly, the blooms were a beauty for the eyes compared to all the sand, desert and dryness. I love my macro lens just for these special occasions.

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