Viva Vegas

Just Another Valley

Unless you love to gamble, have money to blow on shows or just live for large crowds of people in the neon lights…it is just another city in a valley. This time around, we got to venture a bit more and taste the actual vegas life. We were treated to the Las Vegas show at the Saxe and walked the freemont experience. Just like most of the places I have ventured, it is difficult to get a good photo. I feel I was able to get better images last time around but the whole point of this is to continuously show off different photos of each area…so here you go!

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Hell on Earth

Death Valley

I wanted to get the race track rocks, but they were too far north from my venture that I planned. The plus side, I got my sand dunes! Im happy I was only passing through because it was HOT. Surprisingly busy as well as hot -who knew other lumps of people would want to come to hell on earth. You can see why it was named this because I am sure nothing survives here well. Though the valley next to it is Las Vegas which can get just as hot but it is much much much more lively.
Back to the valley of death – I wish I had been here after the rainfall so I could see for myself the life of flowers bloom throughout the valley.
You’d be surprised where you can find beauty ; for me, it is sand dunes. Not sure why…

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On to Death Valley

Pass through Trona

So here is another angle of the Pinnacles from a distance. Please forgive that I did not get the greatest photos of some of these locations. It was amazing to see these large rock formations in the distance but it was not easy to photograph. Another thing about distance is that you get to travel from valley to valley going over huge mountains. When you get through the valley that the town of Trona is in, you find yourself at the top of a large look out facing into the beginning of Death Valley. There really isn’t much to look at and no photograph can really showcase the depth of vast world you see in person.
I tried though, hope it somehow gives the feeling of being on top of the world in one of the hottest locations we have in the US.

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Trona Pinnacles

High Pointed Piece of Rock

So this was not one of my favorites unfortunately but I will share the tale.
The pinnacles themselves were pretty fantastic. I would have gotten closer to see the true stature but the road was unbearable. The road wouldn’t be bad for any vehicle that isn’t low profile. I was sure the rocks were going to rip through my tires, the underneath of my car was going to be irreparable. So I traveled down the road with no back tracking. This national landmark is a site but you will definitely want a larger car, lots of water and make sure you let people know because there is no cell service until you get into death valley (at least for me).

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Hermosa Beach

Pretty but Busy

So busy I wasn’t able to really get a photo that says “beautiful beach”. I took a few very simple photos of the sea and colored some while listing to the waves and peoples interesting conversations filled with laughter. So many different walks of people all show up at the beach so it is never a dull moment really. It was truly beautiful but I let go of the idea of a sunset since there was some mist cloud cover. After the Los Angles area is a completely different side of California. I went from City / Beach life to absolute desert again in a matter of minutes. Which is honestly one of my wanderlusts…it’s amazing how the world can change around you.

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