Joshua Tree x3

Critter Friends

I went into Joshua Tree one last time for this trip. After giving myself a tour while there was light, I was able to find a good spot for these night-time photos. During that time, of course, I took tons more than I expected during the day and sunset.
I also am adding a photo of a creature I got to encounter while I was there. Which is the little additional photo added. Joshua tree is full of life and though some may look scary, all critters were actually very nice and kept their distance just the same.
Though, while in the almost pitch black of night under the stars, you still get that feeling someone is watching you. Mostly I think the bats were the hardest part because they are not afraid to swoop right next to your head to get some bugs. We had a mutual agreement for them not to run into me.

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Joshua Tree x2

Palm Tree got Freaky with an Octopus

One thing we did on our adventures last year was Joshua Tree. Who knew that some interesting looking trees out in the desert would make for such great photos and experience. So I had to get these guys again, only this time at night. I wanted to get the milky way while the moon was in crescent mode with the trees. This takes time and patience while in the middle of the desert night. There are so many creatures stirring while the air is cool that it makes for interesting noises in the middle of the dark. I was able to get a few one night but I feel it deserves a second go.
Climb to the Stars

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Historic Town Bisbee

Bisbee / Lowell

I was shown a little down of downtown Bisbee Arizona. It is a little cramped vintage-ish area full of shops, restaurants and history. I recommend good walking shoes and take a stroll through and visit each shop. They all have a little something different to offer. The stairs, I was told there is a thing where runners run all the stairs in the town…the first one looks like a doozy! While walking you will find tons of random art on the walls so if you’re not into running the whole town, walking it sure is a site.

Bisbee Wall

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Distant views

Running against the wind

One thing that I love about the desert is the distant view. When the storms roll in, you can see the rain fall pouring down from miles away. Which isn’t a site you get to see living in Louisville unless you’re on a mountain with a good view. The other great thing is when the road goes on for miles and you feel like you can almost see how it never ends. You can see where some lyrics come from when driving. This type of view is also great for many metaphors in life – they all escape me now but I do know one, “just gotta keep on keepin’ on”.

Roads less Traveled

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Road Less Traveled

Offerings from the Road-Side

So to avoid an accident, I allowed GPS to take me a bit out of the way on a very fun road with amazing views. I honestly can’t find words to really discuss the feelings traveling along the road but I can say there was an interesting site that broke the normality of the long desert road. There was what looked to be an old gas station along the roadside near the railroad with some fences and a palm tree. Which wouldn’t be a reason to stop but there were tons of shoes hanging from the structure. So naturally, I whipped the car around slinging sand everywhere to go back to get this shot. Too bad I didn’t have an extra pair to add to the mix. Gotta love the road less traveled.
California Borderline
Show Tree

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