Desert Rat

Arizona Lover

As I make my way through the southern states I always stop in Arizona. Something always draws me here, and no, it isn’t just family. Somehow, there is always photo opportunities here for me. As I am nearing my stop in Sierra Vista I end up pulling over off every exit to get some colorful shots of the sunset. Most of this stop is seeing family and getting some of these blogs out so I can give you something to look at:)
During this, my Cousin was able to get me to a few site seeing spots such as the “Lady of the Vista” Cross and “Historical Town of Bisbee”. What a view!
Highway 10 Arizona

Lady of the Sierra

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Hola New Mexico

Dust Storms May Exist

This was another very flat drive with mountains in the distant so it was hard to find a photo to really showcase this state. One thing that I saw more than anything was a sign that says “dust storms may exist” so this gave me hope that I would get a dust devil or a large cloud of sand to capture. Alas, I wasn’t able to get a sand twister – they disappear before I am able to safely pull off the road to get a photo. Evasive little things. Though, I was able to finally get a photo of a big dust cloud off the side of the highway. So flat roads, distant mountains, lots of sun and a lot of dust. Thats southern New Mexico in July:)

New Mexico Road
Dust Storm

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God Bless Texas

A Place to Hang Your Hat

Most of the drive through Texas was a lot of flat farm land so that is what I wanted to show case for this blog. I had a few stops through-out this large state. First was to find a camping for the night. I was able to find a very nice camping area in Sanford, right on the lake. This location was chosen pre-trip and it is now one of my favored locations. I am proud of the camping that I’ve gotten to do so that is why this is one of the photos for the blog as well. My next stop in Texas was Amarillo. Since I am learning spanish I know this means “yellow” but it wasn’t really as yellow as I was hoping haha. Last stop is El Paso, to see family. I visit this state celebrating Independence Day and celebrate my expecting cousin with maternity photos.
Hang your Hat
Texas Camping

Travis - Where’d you get the hat? Nice tent!

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Oklahoma Winds

Another Mark on the Map

The new route for this trip allowed my map to fill with images. How exciting?!
So Oklahoma doesn’t have much to offer so I was hoping to get an iconic tornado in the distance photograph but my model, Nature, didn’t work with me. In fact, I did get a storm when I was camping out at Baxter Spring Kansas ( right on the edge of Oklahoma, Misourri and Kansas ). It was in the middle of the night, while I was sleeping, in the tent. Flat lands + water = waterbed when you’re camping. Not so much a good thing. I feel wind, second to twisters, is the next best iconic image to capture. While I was driving through, the clouds were showing off their creation of last nights downpour. This time, it was more about the sky than the land. Another way to capture wind is windmills – you see those things going crazy during tornados so I found one that was available for a photograph. It isn’t much but at least I have a few images that showcase what its like to drive through Oklahoma during the summer on a non-tornadic day.
When the Winds Sweep the Plains

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Travel Map

So I have been pondering a photo for the blank spot on the wall. Problem is that I have a ton of photos that I can not decided between. I thought to make a collage, but the photos have a tendency to clash a bit. The next idea was something that needs a lot of work but I love it, travel map photo. I am filling in the states that we have visited with a photo that I favor from that location. It made me realize there are so many places I need to visit and revisit…and of course I can’t wait!
My goal is to get to these places and I ask of help. If you have anyone in the blank areas that we have not visited that need photography – have them contact me or 502photos. I would love the opportunity to travel and take amazing photos for the event and for my map. Fund the Photo, fund the experience.
The Travel Map

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