Georgia Peach

So I had to hunt down my own peaches at a store due to the season not quite being ripe for a peach orchard photo. The photo for specifically for my travel map, if you haven’t seen it you should check that out ;).
We decided to do our normal camping at a lake at the top of georgia and while there I took a few moments in the morning time to get a macro image of these fuzzy treats. This state has always been symbolized with peaches so theres the story there. The rest of our Photo Worthy Georgia trip was at berry college.
Georgia Peaches

Berry College was a local area in Rome Georgia that we also had as a location for the wedding photos. It had textures galore for HDR photography and you get to see that in the image below.

Berry College High Dynamic

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Georgia Borderline

Hiawassee Lake Chatuge

As we make our way back home from Georgia, we start to map out places to camp. The whole mountain range of the great smokey mountains had a lot to offer for the Public Land camping sites. This one at Lake Chatuge proved to be quite nice so I decided to snap a few photos of it. I enjoy creating HDR images with this many textures, even if I don’t have a nice sunny morning. Most of the photos of our trips have been at or near these BLM areas. We have gotten very lucky on the photogenic scenes with our free camping. So here you go…
Hiawassee Camping

Lake Chatuge

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Hidden Treasures

Metal Art

Art has many forms. Some how, I am drawn to the broken, rusted, burnt, vine covered, or forgotten type. This train in Jeffersonville Indiana is one of those random little objects that has been forgotten. Nature has beat it up, humans have added to the distraction, and well me as a photographer, I capture it. I wanted a day that the clouds had a little more texture than usual but not too gloomy, it adds to the effect when getting a HDR photograph. It is in the category of metal art to me though it may not be what is defined as metal art…. (read more below)

Metal Art

The Lady

Across the street of Dutch Lane is a metal statue made hubcaps ( from what I have read ). She is the other definition of metal art. I wasn’t able to find a lot of information on her which somehow makes her more special and hidden; a treasure. Im unsure of the artist but there are names (C.R. elwanger & DGuethe – I think ) on a board to the left with this written.

“I am your mother yet I am a woman standing into the winds of change.
Expected to be strong yet gentle, expected to be better then good.
Yet not reflect that I know I am good.
The winds force me to change, yet I do not want to be anymore than what I am.
A woman.
Your mother.
Take my hand, we will stand together into the ‘winds of change’

-The Lady

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Ybor City

Cigar Capital of the World

So, one of our stops in Florida was the Tampa area. After checking out the Clearwater beach to see the east coast of the peninsula, we took a stop to check out the buzz about the city of Ybor. We didn’t catch the historic city on a main party day ( like the weekend) but it was still very energetic throughout the night. It was an interesting mix of people, shops and bars.
Personally, I always love a little town feel with cobble streets, stores back to back, historic feel, vintage look with a lot of lights. With all the people, it was difficult to get a good photo of the street and buildings but I was able to get a good shot of a trolly passing by and the Centro Ybor Muvico Theaters. One of my favorite vintage type images is the black and white movement shot and I felt the trolly was a perfect specimen for that.

The Theater image gives a good idea on the type of vintage town feel that I was explaining I enjoy. So, I hope you get the feeling of the image and maybe take your own trip to this town, but definitely go for a whole day on the weekend to explore the shops and get the full experience of the nightlife.


Centro Ybor

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