Sunshine State

Florida, of course!

We did get a lot of sunshine while visiting florida. One of my favorite things in photos is sun beams, sun flares and the contrast of the glowing light. The palm leaves gave an interesting light flare due to the shape so I wanted to show off the image taken from Sexton Plaza Beach.

Another grand photo, in my opinion of course, is the HDR captured of the Ocean Grill Restaurant during sunset hours. There was a nice gleam of light behind the building as it looks over the oceans calm waves. Wooden, water, clouds and colors create amazing textures for this photo.

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Sorry for snapping at you

Fish gotta swim, birds gotta eat

He reminds me of Nigel from the movie Finding Nemo. Except Nigel was much nicer than the ones here on the pier in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. This guy, among many, were covering the pier waiting for any of the fishermen’s catch – its easier when someone catches your food for you. Other than the harsh personally, any thing can look majestic with the sun beam behind it. I am surprisingly very proud of this picture. As a photographer, I guess we all find the few photographs that maybe went all that special but found a place in the heart for them.

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Of Florida

We all have seen those movies based in the south where the trees have an eerie drape to them, well florida is no different. Spanish moss hangs over the trees here in Mead Park, Orlando Florida.

The other main characteristic that Florida is known for is the beaches! Most don’t have the tiny hut look that people seem to look for but this one, near Miami, did. Tropical southern Florida definitely gives a reputation to the beaches and the spanish moss. Enjoy!

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Daylight Fades

Melbourne Beach, Florida

Our next beach to explore was Melbourne Beach. This one had more activity such as boogie boards, surfers, fishing and photography ( of course ).
I sat under our Marmot rain cover with a Zen coloring book, music, some shells and my camera waiting for photo moments. I captured a few birds, few wave breaks but that sunset is what you really look for. Here is one of the sunset.
Melbourne Pink Mist

I also have one of just the moon over the water. This is one of the most captivating moments of my life. The almost full moon glistening over the waves looked like pure magic. The constant sound of the water moving is so peaceful. The image will never do it justice but at least there is the memory and the ambition to feel this again.
Luna Ocean

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