True North

A passion in life which leads to extraordinary things

After a month of work in Las Vegas, it was time to journey back to Kentucky. I also have many states to stop through along the way so the path lead us north bound. There are so many states that I want to stay and spend quality time in now that I’ve made quick stops through out them. One of those states that was photo worthy that I must see again was Oregon. The quickest route led through the middle of the state though the coast line is a bucket list.

Mind you this is the beginning of Spring time and after we exited California it was almost nothing but snow. So much snow that the place to see along the way was blocked off by a mount of snow taller than my car, so we visited Diamond lake instead.

There was snow everywhere to a point you almost couldn’t tell where the water began and the land ends. Which made for this interesting photo that I happily called ” no life guard on duty ” because of the sign that was buried in the snow. I love the west coast snows because it is not nearly as frigid as back home in Kentucky. I was able to stay out and play in the snow for a good while to get a good shot of this lake.

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