Where the Buffalo Roam

and the deer and the antelope play

I swear they are taking about Yellowstone Park in “home on the range” song. After seeing the hot springs, old faithful, and a crap load of buffalo…this is for sure a cowboys home. Honestly, it is nothing like what I thought it would be, but most of the places I get to visit are. Downside to Yellowstone, the sulfuric egg smell that comes from the, oddly colorful, hot springs. That was not pleasant.

The coldest part was sitting in the open waiting for old faithful to do her thing. When you have no wind blockers and not doing a lot of movement it causes for much colder feelings. No photos that were worthy here but it was an experience. But I did get some of that cold feeling in this photo where there is still patches of snow in the background with the hot spring steam rising around the buffalo.

You might have noticed that my favorite part was the Buffalos. It was fun seeing the buffalo doing buffalo things. They would rightfully cross the street like they own the place…well because they do. Truth be told, I first thought that I would maybe only see one buffalo and was so upset I didn’t stop to get a photo of the first one I saw…later to understand there are thousands there and they are not horribly camera shy. Yay.

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