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Colorado Feels

So far I found I have three favored states. No, sorry Kentucky Home, you’re further down the list. My top three are California (duh), Arizona and Colorado. Im going to go into Colorado one this one – maybe later Ill reflect on the other states with earlier photos. So this state is a “can’t miss” everything has this beauty and freshness to it. In this time of my life that was felt very deep. There are two images that I took when I felt connected. These are those “look back to remember” type of photos.
The bench and the place weren’t special but the people were. I have not been able to get around how cruel the world is being and kindness is rare for to me see. My car battery dies…again… and we wait for someone to help. Couple went to this park to talk their walk and helped us as a pass by. Its not just the help that was great, it was the small talk, the sharing of sites, and the advice given.
I will never remember their names but that feeling is there for a long time. This gave inspiration to take the advice for a walk where I captured this photo.
Now the shorter story is this school. Something about being at the bottom of the mountains, in tall grass as it sways in the storm. It was broken, dark and powerful..but mostly beautiful. I have that side of me that loves this mixture of words and how they feel all at once. I hope you can imagine it now because it was wonderful. You can’t miss in Colorado with photos or feels.

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